Media linking up people and markets

Vogel Business Media provides high-quality specialist media platforms and internet portals to allow an exchange of knowledge between the participants in each specific market. Readers and users of our specialist media are given top-quality specialist information and knowledge which has been processed and edited by experts in the relevant sector, providing general guidance and help with decision-making and also serving initial training and further training purposes in professional daily work. Additionally, Vogel stages sector-related events and offers business networks allowing direct exchanges between the participants in a specific market as well as offering wide-ranging services. Vogel Business Media is particularly active in Europe, Asia and the USA via its own publishing facilities and numerous licensed business partners. Also, Vogel has already been operating in China ever since 1996. Lately, it has also been branching out into India since the beginning of 2011.

Our topic fields: Automation, Automobile, Electronics, Production, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering. Also: Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories and Chemicals, plus Bulk Material Handling, Motor Trade and Information Technology. And: Law, Business Administration and Taxation, as well as B2B Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and B2B Marketing.

Our readers: Professional decision-makers such as engineers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, development and technical engineers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects, tax consultants, pharmacists, public authorities and traders. Also: advertising, marketing & communications managers in these sectors, plus tomorrow‘s professionals currently in higher education and at training colleges.

Benefits for our readers, users and visitors

All of our media address specialist topics and sector-related issues on a multi-channel basis - in print, online and via events. We have more than 500 editors and specific-sector experts providing us with a constant source of useful, up-to-the-minute information. Depending on the type of information concerned, our specialist editorial teams select the format best suited to using it effectively, e.g. a printed article, an online report, a webcast or a seminar. We have novel types of internet platforms providing people with useful tools for tackling their daily work successfully. Also, as far as educational marketing is concerned, we offer webcasts, whitepapers and webinars which all help to impart information and expertise.

As a full-range supplier of multimedia options, we thus do an all-round job of covering all of the specialist information relevant to people‘s professions and - also via social media - we keep our communities in the various industrial sectors fit for doing business on the relevant markets.

Benefits for companies, advertisers and agencies

Vogel is a media company that constitutes a reliable business partner. It boasts 120 years of experience and business relations on all the major markets. Our specialist media pave the way for making contact with market partners and customers.

They offer access to communities and support dynamic networking in markets that are forever changing. For this purpose, Vogel offers extremely well established independent sector-related platforms to aid communications between companies and, to go with these, it also provides media services - all within an attractive environment of high-quality specialist journalism. Our digital media provide a basis for the precise targeting of advertisers‘ sales messages, all the way through to transparent one-to-one communications, allowing advertisers to gauge the success of their advertising measures. Through its specialist media, Vogel opens up full market access for all types of sales messages. The cross-media options we offer provide a multitude of tools for highly efficient B2B communications.

We have suitable contemporary media options for the most varied of communications goals - ranging from printed publications, online advertising and education marketing through to sponsoring, social media, corporate publishing, etc. and not forgetting our well established sector-related events. Our brands will thus guarantee a broad reach and image projection in the markets concerned. Vogel Business Media provides a link between sectors and communities.




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