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Use of our website pages:

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It is not permissible to change the contents or to use them on other websites or computer networks without first obtaining written authorisation from Vogel Business Media to do so.
A violation of the above provisions shall place the violating party under the obligation to destroy all printed or downloaded contents immediately. Our company reserves the right to lodge further compensation claims for damages.


Users downloading programmes from the company’s website do so entirely at their own risk. Vogel Business Media does not accept or bear any responsibility for damage which may be caused in the process of installing or using software from the company’s download facility, to the extent that this is legally permissible. Within the framework of the relevant legal provisions, the company does not accept liability for any damage or impairment caused by computer viruses notwithstanding up-to-date virus scanning processes.


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Trademark rights:

The trademark used in Vogel Business Media’s website is owned by Vogel Business Medien GmbH & Co. KG. Use of the company’s trademark, logos and hallmarks is strictly prohibited.

Conditions for the use of our audio-visual material:

1. The conditions of use apply to all audio-visual material made available by Vogel Business Media.
2. Any use of this audio-visual material must first be authorised by Vogel Business Media.
3. If authorisation is granted, it solely applies to the use of such material one time only in the specified production. If the material is required for other use in other productions, then authorisation must first be sought again in each case.
4. The user bindingly undertakes not to use the audio-visual material in any manner which could damage Vogel Business Media in any way.
5. It is only permissible to use Vogel Business Media’s audio-visual material solely for editorial TV purposes, and it must not be passed on to third parties.
6. If any of the above-mentioned provisions are violated, then Vogel Business Media reserves the right to take legal proceedings