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Future mobility has many guises: autonomous driving, connected cars and electric drives are just three of the buzz words currently bringing about radical change in the automotive sector. Constant upheaval, innovations and technological inquiring minds are transforming the automotive sector into an exciting market.

Vogel Business Media has had automotive media in the markets since 1911 and is one of the largest automotive trade editorial teams throughout Europe with some 250 journalists and industry experts.


Germany, China


Anna Menzel
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Dieter Wendel
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Automobil Industrie China

From development, construction, production and logistics to the challenges of management and business: you'll reach the key decision-makers along the entire value creation chain with "AI China", the Chinese edition of "Automobil Industrie".


Based on a traditional trade magazine, "kfz-betrieb" offers its readers in-depth trade information across many channels.


"autoFACHMANN" is the official educational journals for all commercial apprentices and trainees in the automotive industry.

Information Technology

Are there any areas of our life unaffected by IT? Hardly any in business. The interconnectedness of our world is advancing rapidly. The Internet of Things is said to encompass some 50 billion devices communicating with each other by 2020. This increasing connectivity is leading to continuous changes in private and in business life. Everything is networked and communicated. IT is the crucial link in this.

Vogel IT media provides expert access to information and industry knowledge for anyone who deals professionally with IT and networking.




Werner Nieberle
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IT-BUSINESS informs IT trade partners with in-depth background reports and with thoroughly researched facts and figures.

Hosting & Service Provider Summit

Cloud and managed services are the pioneering models for companies to flexibly and transparently obtain IT services.

eGovernment Computing

e-Government Computing provides all the important information needed by those responsible for IT in the public sector.


Industry 4.0 creates technical innovations that affect all our everyday lives. Analogue and digital world are connected by advancing digitization to become a gigantic Internet of Things. The spotlight is on issues, including intelligent networking, machine-to-machine communications, robotics and smart factories, leading to radical changes to our work of work and its business models.

Vogel Business Media's industrial media offers specialist knowledge for all major industrial sectors, including mechanical engineering, processing industry, electrical engineering, electronics, chemical industry and vehicle construction.


Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand


Dieter Wendel
Tel.: +49 931 418-2026

Process worldwide

For chemicals, pharmaceuticals and process engineering sectors in all areas of the process industry.

MM International

MM Maschinenmarkt International is the platform for decision makers of the machine and manufacturing sector, who want to stay on top of the trends in a changing world and globalized industry.

Laborpraxis Worldwide

Laborpraxis Worldwide promotes efficiency in laboratories and analytics. It informs about new trends and developments in analytics and laboratory technologies and keeps you up to date on life sciences as well as bio- and gene technology.

B2B Communication

Trends and tools for your future success: The B2B communication market is shaped by a strong dynamism, with new trends and tools, studies and analysis almost daily. You'll find the relevant information for your successful brand and product communication in B2B from us.

As the communication partner for companies, agencies and advertisers, we also support B2B communication and deliver all the tools and market data to ensure that you efficiently reach your communication goals.




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Marconomy is the platform for market and communication in business and communicates the trend themes of brand, product and sales communication in B2B.

Atheneum Market Insights

Our worldwide network of leading experts continuously share in-depth insights across all sectors of industry.

Atheneum Expert Insights

Atheneum provides you with unlimited access to over 250,000 of the world’s leading experts from over 7,000 niche markets.

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