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As a corporate VC, our goal is to support start-ups as early-stage investors (business angel or seed phase). We are looking for founders whose products and solutions strategically fit our target markets and drive digital transformation.

How we support startups

Company Building

We actively support the creation and development of digital business models by contributing not only cash and management support but also the market and customer know-how of the Vogel Communications Group. We are actively looking for new cooperations and partnerships that have the potential to set new benchmarks in digital and data-driven professional communication.

Start-up Financing

The volume of our investment consists of cash and media and is mainly related to the FIT of the start-ups and the strategic orientation of Vogel Communications Group. We are particularly interested in companies in the fields of Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Big Data.

Successful Projects

Logo Cobrainer

The Cobrainer platform compares internal company skills, expertise and know-how with challenges a company faces in the development of complex products, thereby uncovering possible competence gaps. These gaps can be filled by in-house and external experts.

Logo Atheneum Partners
Atheneum Partners

Atheneum Partners is an expert platform comprising of a database of more than 350,000 experts, connecting the world's leading professionals with the most qualified experts to support knowledge exchange and decision making.

Logo CapitalAid
Capital Aid

Capital Aid supports small businesses by providing strategic growth loans based on their business performance. After reviewing and successfully verifying company data, such as PayPal, account movements or web traffic, applicants receive a loan payment within a few days.

Logo Contiamo

Contiamo is a SaaS analytics solution that integrates all your data from multiple sources. It helps you make informed decisions and take advantage of opportunities by making the right data available to the right people.

Logo Edition F

EDITION F is the digital home for strong women. Women who focus on their careers, who care about self-fulfillment and who enjoy new things - inspiration, new people, subjects, and ideas. With this way of life and our business platform, they can reach more than 550,000 unique users per month.

Logo Fast Forward Imaging
Fast Forward Imaging

Fast Forward Imaging is a Berlin-based technology development company that uses an innovative combination of hardware and software to automatically create perfect clipping photos. They supply fast, high-quality, and flexible 360┬░ product images, thus saving time and money.

Logo iMoney.my

IMoney.my is a comparative website that operates primarily in the Malaysian market. It assists consumers in finding and comparing various financial and consumer products such as credit cards, mortgages, landline and broadband connections, as well as insurance policies. It also provides content related to financial issues.

Logo Inventorum

INVENTORUM integrates cash register, accounting, merchandise management, online shop, and customer management in one solution. This provides retailers with many opportunities to simplify their operations and offer more sales and payment channels without complicating their inventory management or accounting.

Logo labfolder

Labfolder is an innovative software company that has developed a revolutionary platform combining all the essentials for scientific research. They want to make the lives of scientists easier and thus accelerate their research.


Das zeichnet uns aus

Know-how in 14 industrial sectors

Automation, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, construction, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, chemistry, medical technology, IT, law

Ticket Size

Usually between 100k - 1 Mio. as a business angel or in the seed phase


Exchange with other founders and experts in the market


Various international media platforms, PR agencies and communities


More than 5 million business contacts worldwide

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